6 Tips about Branding

6 Tips about Branding


The name Steve Harvey is synonymous with comedy and being one of the best Show Host in the United States of America. Steve Harvey has woven his way into being a household brand in the world today. The Family Feud Game show host has captured the hearts through his animated style in during each show: participants laughing, audience being engaged and even the viewers at home feel they are a part of the show. His charismatic personality made him popular and admirable.

Fremantle Media - Steve Harvey Photo Gallery
Fremantle Media – Steve Harvey Photo Gallery

Perfect situation turns sour

Approximately 6.2 million viewers from around the world tuned in to watch the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant program. Throughout the program, Steve Harvey hosting skills were seemingly flawless until that moment-Grand Coronation of the winner of Miss Universe. He mistakenly announced Ms. Colombia as the winner of the pageant instead of Ms. Phillippines.

Lessons learn from Steve Harvey’s ordeal

  1. Quickly take control of the situation: Steve Harvey realized he made a huge blunder, publicly apologized for the error he made (unassisted from his Producers).
  2. Accept your limitation-Steve Harvey showed the world that he was ‘human’ and vulnerable as any other brand. His admittance brings to the fore that brands do make mistakes and there is no ‘superhuman’ complex.
  3. Personal apology: He made a very personal apology to both the contestants. He was aware of the damage cause and showed a personal side by connecting with the women who were affected by his grave error.SteveHarvery
  4. Public Consultation- He held a press conference after the show to issue another publication and provided clarity on the incident that occurred. He also facilitated questions from many Journalists about the grave ordeal and remained calm throughout the pressure.
  5. Won public sympathy- Although a huge uproar,memes and verbal attacks on Twitter  and other social media sites ensued, it was quickly waned as a result of public support for Steve Harvey.
  6. When doing big events, hire an expert. Eric Thomas lamented the lack of professionalism used during the event- the card with the winners. He recommended redesigning of the card would have averted such controversy.
Miss Universe Card
Card used by Steve Harvey. (Image from Charlamagne Tha God)
Recommended card to be used (Image source: Eric Thomas)


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A guide to connecting with your customers

Communication is an essential ingredient to creating the perfect compound. It involves more than one party’s  exchanging messages and responding. Communication between business and customers helps to create relationships and fosters growth.

Listening to your customers

Have you ever felt like your voice is not being heard? Perhaps your strategy is monotonous and needs to be revamped.

It is imperative to connect with your customers. Customers want to know their concerns, suggestions, recommendations and even complaints are heard. Yes no one enjoys receiving complaints or negative comments; however, changing your perspective on how you view it can significantly impact your company.

Let’s examine two situational responses to negative comments made by customers:

  • Situation 1:  A client complains to you about your product offering being reduced and late completion of project. You rebuff then ignore the clients’ claim. The client shares the bad service news to a friend and it quickly becomes viral. Your company takes a big loss.
  • Situation 2: A client complains to you about your product offering being reduced and late completion of project. You listen to the complaint, apologize for the inconvenience and then you inform them that you will try to supplement their requests at a time convenient to them. Result-happy customer.

The secret to successful communication is about saying the right thing in the right way in the right place and moment. However, the opportunities to do it right (and wrong) increase dramatically in the more complex and individualistic world.

– Sue Elms, evp/head of global brands, Millward Brown
Communication Model

A customer feels happy to know that his/her concerns or suggestions will be noticed or highlighted.

In today’s world where conversations are no longer limited to the confines of oral speaking, but has expanded to laptops, Ipads, phones and other technological devices, the communication reach is exponential. Facebook represents a large medium for conversations- family, business, marketing etc.

CStatistics are in favour of communication

According to Zephoria , every 5 new profiles are created every 5 seconds and there are over 1.49 billion users. In addition, 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.  This means that your customers are also on Facebook. Are you connected with them?

Communication Strategy 

Here are some tips to help you develop an effective communication strategy:

  • Listen: Your customers are the primary source of your business success. Tap into their conversations through surveys and contests, feedbacks and reports.
  • Identify your target audience: Having a clear idea of your target audience allows you to create information tailored to that specific audience. Not all information is suited for everyone. Customized content can help ease this burden.
Don’t just blast your content all over.
  • Formulate your message: What is your key message- new product, sale, update? Whatever the message may be, develop this message carefully.
  • Share: Choose the best platform to share your message. Getting your message out to the public and your customers helps to create a flow of communication. Efficiency in communication leads to greater reliance on business and increase in sales.
  • Connect and engage: Connect with your customers on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Incorporate communication into your business operations and see the results. Listen, respond and share with your audience.  Show that your business has a human side- all humans must communicate.

Communication Essentials

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8 Social Media Strategies for Businesses


Having a business without connecting with your customers online is akin to being an anti-social person. Everyone is on social media these days: students, teachers,  parents, college graduates and even CEOs. The very people you are targeting.

Brand loyalty, customer retention and support are vital components to any business success. Customers love to feel a part of the business; appreciated and to know that their views are appreciated and matters.

Social Media is a growing phenomenon among top management personnel and businesses . Forbes states that 32 % of CEOs have at least one social media account. If they see the value in social media, why shouldn’t your business see its importance as well?

CEOs are engaging on social media

The world is increasingly becoming digitalized, everything you need is just ‘a click away’. Content Marketing is the new trend that when integrated with traditional marketing techniques increases company profits and develops strong, positive relationships with customers.


A good USP (Unique Selling Proposition) differentiate you from your competitors; creates effective communication and add value to your products and services.

Here are 8 tips to help you in creating a Social Media strategy for your business:

Create a clear objective.

  • Have in mind what you want to achieve with social media. Is it to increase sales? Build relationships with your customers? Drive traffic to your website?
  • Create S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time sensitive) objectives to help guide your planning.

Identify your customers.

  • Identify the demography and persona of your customers, both current and potential customers. Knowledge of your customers’ interests will help in tailoring your content for publishing.

Know your competition.

  • Being aware of your competitors will allow you to have one idea of what to post and what not to post.
  • Your competitors should be used as benchmarks in your social media plan.

Create metrics.

  • Create KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to be used when evaluating your performance.
  • Having defined metrics will let you know if your targets and goals are being achieved.

Develop your content.

  • Create or share content that will be of interest to your target market.
  • Videos, photos or other content for posting.

Choose your platform.

  • Choose the social media channel that works best for you.
  • Don’t stretch yourself thin by having presence on all social media networks.
  • Recommended: Create active presence on at least 2 social media networks

Engage your audience.

  • Solicit feedback from your customers
  • Create polls.

Evaluate your performance

Get social today! Connect with your customers. It will add more value to your business.

Social Media Strategy

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Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing


Marketing, in its simplest form, is meeting the need for service or product to a customer. There will always be a demand for a item; we are humans-so we are eternally in need of something. Whether it be a easier mode to transport, technological device, shopping or even food; a void is there to be filled.

McDonald’s, KFC and Subway all use a common strategy. The top 3 leading  food brands have great success in sales and customers’ support, due to their dynamic marketing strategies.

  1. They research the market, customers and adapt accordingly.
  2. They effectively utilize the 4P’s: Price, Product, Place and Promotion to fit within their business models.
  3. They invest in social media. (Read more about this in Content Marketing).


Traditional Marketing is expensive and requires a defined budget to be used for product(s) effectiveness. Before social media, in order for your company to get recognized, you had to spend over $1500 USD for a fairly constructed 30 second ad production. A commercial airtime cost you on average, $15,000 USD. Read more on cost of advertising on Television.

Content Marketing

The world today is trending towards higher use of technology and digital media, as it recognizes the need to connect with customers more frequently. Content Marketing involves using Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Infographics and other downloadable items for customers to use.

More than half of the world population has access to a cellphone or a mobile device. On average 3.5 of 5 persons use their cellphones whenever they travel, to work, school or leisure.

Global Statistics for Digital Users
Global Statistics for Digital Users

Since there is a high frequency in mobile device usage, the best way to connect with customers is to configure your content into their daily lives through these media.  Huffington Post, CNN and Russia Today are aware of this trend towards Digital Media and have incorporated strategies to meet this need. To increase subscribers of their content, they have developed Apps software and have active presence on social media. KFC has also used this approach to advance their products.

The more you create content, the more people (customers) will know about your product or service. Try using the 4P’s guide and adapt it into Social Media and Content Marketing strategy, you will be amazed by the results.

To be successful in Content Marketing, you need a strategy:content_marketing

  1. Plan your strategy.
  2. Identify clear objectives.
  3. Identify the appropriate media platform to be use for sharing content.
  4. Create metrics.
  5. Evaluate strategy.

Traditional marketing is still an important aspect to all business; however Marketing Managers and Business owners should include Content Marketing into their strategy to develop stronger relationships with customers and increase sales.

Comparison between Traditional Marketing and Content Marketing
Comparison between Traditional Marketing and Content Marketing

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Be Different-Stand Out among other brands

Today’s world is filled with so many people, cars, brands and businesses-

sometimes it seems so hard to get recognized among the crowd.


It can become quite daunting or seemingly futile to try outshine or become popular,

But before you get all caught up in this mayhem-pause for a minute and ask yourself the question:

Is it worth it?

If your answer was “Yes”, then you should start thinking about how to approach this task.

You have to create a distinguishing feature between you and the next brand or business.

So how do you stand out?

Here are some tips to help you to set your brand a part from among the other competitors:

  • Identify your brand
  • Establish your brand voice
  • Showcase your products
  • Add value to your service
  • Provide quality customer service
  • Respond to feedbacks


Using the fore-going strategies will earn you some movement in the crowd of business; but becoming prominent requires one more important element: Consistency.


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